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Music First

Play edited music to your clients from multiple genres. Give your clients listening options using devices that integrate with your current enviroment.

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Stations That Resonate!

Offer your clients music from stations based on demographic needs. Switch between Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and more using the latest streaming devices based on your favorite echo systems.

Rap World

Clean Hip Hop music from your favorite artists. Your clients can hear updated music with their kids in the room.

Sing For Me

Clean R&B music from your favorite artists. Help your clients enjoy soulful music while waiting on services.

Pop Forever

Clean Pop Music from your favorite artists. Play some of the worlds most talented artist for your clients to hear.

How To Listen

Start Playing Anywhere

How Do You Want To Play?

Play and control music using several devices to include iOS, tvOS, Android or provide mobile audio through your favorite car audio systems.