The journey starts with us offering free radio channels to anyone in the world with internet, a cell phone, tablet, iPad, computer or automobile with streaming options. The channels would consist of diverse ideas that help artists in a way they have never been helped before by connecting them directly to their fans in the form of radio and help fans find unknown listening needs that they would not find during your average music experience.

Doopli is free radio available on mobile devices, computers and car audio devices. Our goal is for the music to always be free and for people in every part of the universe to have a chance to hear the latest singles that support both the artist and the listeners uniquely.

Some of our stations will support genres, while some will support specific age groups, genders and borough’s but will combine all races to contribute to the health of music. This connection between the artists and the fans will happen in several different countries but will connect the world as music does everyday.

Quarterly we have to answer to the publishing Gods who control the money needed to make sure the artists that we play on the station get paid. One of our reasons for starting this station was to provide a benefit for both sides of the industry. The financial gain for the artist based on streams and the need for music and the benefits it provides for those who can't afford to pay for monthly streaming services. By donating to Doopli we can continue to offer a solution that presents music for everyone and continue to support the devolvement of different avenues of listening.