Gucci Mane Evil Genius

July 31, 2019 - 12 views

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane just dropped his latest disc titled “Evil Genius.” It’s pure trap rap with a strong dose of character. Just dropped days ago, this is a generally sold @ss platter.

Mane previously fluctuating career seemed to be hemorrhaging credibility with his fans last year. In response to a lukewarm response from listeners and critics alike, he spent most of 2018 focusing on this full-length, 50-minute project.

This 18-track waxwork of lively bangers comes complete with a star-studded list of guests including the likes of Kodak Black, Kevin Gates, Lil Pump, Bruno Mars, Migos, 21 Savage and more. Witness the return of mane’s wordplay, punchlines, and trademark braggadocio on such cuts as “Off the Boat” to “Kept Back.” His brand of hard charisma has returned.

Each number includes a good, solid, hard-hitting backing track that is both unique from the others and yet still syncs with the album’s theme. Check the nigh sinister synth selections such as “This the Night” and “Just Like It.” Take in the comparatively brighter, big hit “Solitaire” and the bass-bonded, party-perfect pieces “Father’s Day” and “Hard Feelings” too.

Apparently, Mane took the previous criticism to heart and reconsidered just what he does in the studio. That alone should garner him some respect and demonstrate that he truly cares about the records he releases. It’s obvious that Mane is now back on track with “Evil Genius.” No doubt this development must be both gratifying and visceral to both the performer and his true believers.


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