Ghostface Killah - Ghost Files: Bronze Tape (Remixes)

July 31, 2019 - 9 views

The new album from Ghostface Killah, Ghost Files, is broken up into two sides. Propane Tape features remixes by Agallah while Bronze Tape features remixes by Bronze Nazareth. Both sides contain a combined number of 25 songs. Bronze Nazareth produces songs that let listeners know he has extensive experience working with the Wu-Tang Clan. He remixes tracks into tight, punchy versions of the original cut. The samples keep it old-school while the beats keep it lively. The best songs to listen to on the Bronze Tape are: "Buckingham Palace," "Majestic Accolades," and "Done Again."

While the original tracks on Ghostface's Ghost Files were undoubtedly fire, the remixes offer an identity of their own that may or may not be better than the original. Whatever your take on Bronze Tape, it is definitely a force of its own, independent from the original album, The Lost Tapes. Sitting down and listening to The Lost Tapes and Ghost Files back to back promises any hip-hop enthusiast a listening experience they will never forget. Whether listening together or separate, The Lost Tapes is a great stand-alone album, but surprisingly so is Ghost Files: Bronze Tape.

We give Ghost Files: Bronze Tape 5 out of 5 stars, and so would anyone who appreciates real hip-hop.


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