Dime Bag - Styles P

July 30, 2019 - 24 views

The hip-hop group Lox hailed from Yonkers, New York and produced a trio of talents who have each gone on to release solo albums. That includes Styles P, who continues bringing the street tracks on his latest album, "Dime Bag." The brand new album dropped on Friday, November 2 and features 10 new songs for listeners to consume. Fans won't be unhappy with the results either.

The album opens with the solid cut "War N Peace" where Styles P discusses his internal struggle between keeping friends and family safe while also not necessarily wanting violence that may be involved. Basically, Styles lets it all out and puts the streets on notice. Without any warning, someone can snap, despite trying to keep it all together in peace.

"Never Fight An African" is the song P specifically released for American government power players. It's backed by catchy chanting and a strong beat featuring a dark piano note or two. The government officials may not all hear the words, but enough listeners may ahead of the upcoming elections.

Other standouts on the new "Dime Bag" project include the self-reflecting song "Time Machine" and another introspective cut called "Self Made." On "Money and Checks," P reflects on the idea of entrepreneurship. The hip-hop star is familiar with the concept based on his involvement with a healthy juice business he's part of in New York.

When it comes down to it, fans of Styles P should not be disappointed with this album or the abundance of music that P is bringing lately. He's released "Nicklebag," "G Hosts," and the Dave East collaboration "Beloved" ahead of "Dime Bag" in 2018. Overall, it's clear that Styles P continues to bring the lyrical intensity on this album and each new verse he drops.


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