Blue Magic - Trina

July 30, 2019 - 23 views

Miami, Florida-bred rapper Trina has recently released a new recording on her independent label Rockstarr Music Group. The EP is called “Blue Magic.” The disc comes amidst her current efforts to complete a new full-length album tentatively titled “The One.”

For over one year she has been struggling to drop “The One” and no doubt hopes this seven-song project will whet the appetites of both potential and present fans. In order to assist her in this aural effort, she has recruited a few popular guest artists. The list includes such performers as Ball Greezy, Boosie BadAzz, Chief Pound, Da Brat, Kash Doll, and Nia.

The lead-in is "Bad Bitch Anthem" which previews what’s yet to come. It’s followed by another solo track titled "Change The Vibe." Next, Boosie lends a noteworthy hand on "Thug Song."

Trina talks about her success on "Chandelier" includes Kash Doll. She spits: "Bad chocolate *ss bitch from the west side/Second place ain't no winning, but b*tch you tried.” This track is already an early favorite and its uptempo beat has reportedly made it quite dance-worthy too.

Chief Pound can be found on the cut called "She Bad." It’s perhaps overshadowed by "Redemption" which slows things down a bit and is highlighted by both Ball Greezy and Nia. Here, backed by a steady soothing beat, Trina focuses on an unhealthy relationship and everything she has done for the man in question.

The closing cut features Da Brat. It’s named "Tf U Think" and offers yet one more example of what Trina can do when she works well with others. This consistent collection is but a foreshadowing of her hopefully upcoming “The One” studio album which Trina has yet to be able to set a release date for as this piece goes to press.


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