A Love Letter to You 3 - Trippie Redd

July 30, 2019 - 15 views

Among the contributors to the current movement of emo hip-hop, there is no denying that Trippie Redd has been one of the most prominent to date. On A Love Letter to You 3, he continues to make his mark on the ever evolving culture of hip-hop. Even if that mark fades quickly and isn't fully cemented into the foundation of pop culture, it's still a mark, nonetheless.

Just last year, Trippie released his first Soundcloud produced mixtape A Love Letter to Youand introduced the world to a refreshing, novel sound that the trap era could add to its catalogue. The problem with ALLTY3 is that it hardly sounds any different from the albums and mixtapes that came before it. There are some catchy cloud rap instrumentals that the listener expects to hear, but the monotony and predictability of the songs make the album a bit of a drag. The same subject matter involving broken hearts and substance abuse inflate each track. Trippie Redd definitely deserves credit for his innovative sound, but he needs to keep evolving it in order to stay prevalent in the music industry.


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