9Th Wonder - Jamla Is The Squad

July 30, 2019 - 48 views

hop world. For many, Kanye West's 2010 track "Monster" was a great example of this, showing how fierce and driven a song can sound when there are many talented artists behind it, pushing vigorously.

The new compilation from 9th Wonder, Jamla Is The Squad II, makes power its focus. There are plenty of wonderful performances spread across the 20-track compilation, ranging from legends such as Busta Rhymes to cult classics like Big K.R.I.T.

It doesn't take repeated listens to Jamla Is The Squad IIto realize that there is an intensely concentrated amount of talent contributing to this mix tape. In particular, the song "Sojourner" by Rapsody eloquently describes the isolation experienced by many individuals who are either deep within the music industry or trying to climb to the top. This metaphor is used to connect to social justice and how much the world has changed, giving the track an empathetic context. It also features J. Cole, a rapper who is an incredibly diverse artist able to not only articulate his feelings, but also contain his thoughts within tight rhythms and flow.

The highlight of this track, though, is the subtle nature of its sample. The lingering lack of closure in the strings surrounding the beat makes the track feel like perpetual motion, continually chasing something that it can't quite grasp.

The compilation has moments all over it, making it something that's truly worth your time. It's almost like finding a bag of diamonds on the side of the road…why wait?


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