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Young M.A. – Herstory in the Making

Virginia-raised rapper Young M.A has released her first full-length album, ‘Herstory in the Making.’ It drops roughly three years following the release of the native New Yorker’s debut disc, the 2016 single “Ooouuu.” Some say “Ooouuu” was little more than an unembellished cut full of references to getting head.

Still, there was something there that was special enough to get the gay rapper enough to garner Beyonce’s attention and some platinum too. ‘Herstory in the Making’ is the extension of the tuneful tale started in “Ooouuu” and fulfills the needs of fans of what some call “lyrically X-rated flexes.” Here are but a few of the highlights:

The album opener is “No Mercy (Intro)” which works well enough but only barely foreshadows what is yet to come. “Smoove Kriminal” is highlighted by a snarling bassline and M.A’s deep drawl wherein she calls herself a “sexy-ass cocky individual”.

Officially released on the 10th anniversary of the performer’s brother’s death, her grief can be witnessed within the therapeutic tracks “Numb,” “No Love,” and “Sober Thoughts.” In contrast, there is also the finger-snapping, bouncy number “NNAN.” It’s an expected yet effective ode to all independent women.

While a few critics might question the length of the disc, ‘Herstory in the Making’ was made with a pared-back production approach. Except for New York vocalists Relle Bey and Max YB, the lithe, soul-inflected project tightly focuses on M.A’s personal. introspective audio offerings thus making the CD well worth the wait.

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