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Colt Ford – We The People, Vol 1

Any true country music fan has noticed lately that country music artists are having a hard time finding where they “fit in.” Even if an artist claims to be pure country, their music and lyrics can seem to be overly political and unauthentic. Colt Ford is a singer and songwriter who understands the rifts that happen in country music. His style and sound is ideal for people who want to hear modern country that speaks to them without political overtones.

Colt Ford designed his We The People album with the average person in mind. Writing the music was difficult, but connecting with an audience was not. Colt Ford was raised in an average southern home, and he knows what people love to hear. Unlike other modern artists, Colt Ford only glorifies things like hard work, cool trucks, worn boots, and good times with friends. His simple and heartfelt lyrics work well with an amplified backup. 

The result is a driving and poignant type of music that is attractive to country music enthusiasts of all backgrounds. We The People, Vol.1 by Colt Ford reflects certain patriotic themes, but it is meant to be universally attractive to all people who love new country music. This album is perfect for anyone who wants to entertain with a fresh sound. It is also wonderful for seeing where independent voices in country music are headed.

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