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Taylor Swift – Lover

NO matter what your feelings are towards Taylor Swift, it is impossible not to enjoy her own brand of infectious pop that has made her the standard-bearer for female pop stars of the 21st-century. “Lover” was described by “Rolling Stone” as evolutionary in the direction it drives Swift into with a return to a more country-based sound on some songs and an impressive power-pop sound on others, this seems like the album bringing together the sounds of Swift over the course of her career.

Dragging together the different strands of the career of Taylor Swift may seem like an epic attempt at making an album and that is exactly what one gets from this recording. Produced by the producer Jack Antanoff, Swift brings together an incredible 18 songs that have their own distinct sound. Not only does the former country star pay homage to her own career history, but she looks to open herself up in a more heartwarming way than ever before. Despite many of her songs being about the relationships she has lived out in the full view of the public since she became a teenaged star, Swift reveals more about herself on the “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” song that harks back to the innocence of childhood.

The album will appeal to fans of Taylor Swift and those who love excellent songwriting and production values. Swift has returned to a sound that was popular in the 1980s for the album “Lover” and makes a great success of recreating one of the most popular periods in pop history.

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