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Post Malone – Hollywood’s Bleeding

The millennium brought forth a new, expressive era of music and music lovers alike. The lyrics in Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding connect with its listeners allowing them to express their inner-most feelings whether it is love, hate, or even depression from loneliness. In addition to emotional connection, there are other benefits in purchasing this album. These benefits are the love of packaging and informative credits, high-quality audio and possibility of autograph by Post Malone himself, accessibility to additional songs, savings on expensive data plans, and the amazing feeling one gets when purchasing Post Malone’s work which can be displayed or shared with family and friends. The feeling of satisfaction that comes from purchasing this album is one beyond compare.
Post Malone’s – Hollywood’s Bleeding focuses on Los Angeles, California otherwise known as “Hollywood.” In its lyrics, Malone refers to the residents as individuals who have dangerous personalities due to being trapped in a place they call home, which, for the most part, gives them a false sense of happiness. His lyrics focus on happiness based on materialistic belongings and perfect looks rather than personality and characteristics. This is the world we have all found ourselves transitioning into. As the lyrics state, “Dyin’ in our sleep, we’re livin’ out a dream. We only make it out alone.” If you find yourself in a world surrounded by others yet feel alone, purchase this album. When realization kicks in that no one else can save you but yourself, purchase this album. 

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