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Snoop Dogg – I Wanna Thank Me

Snoop Dog’s seventeenth album is seventy-five minutes of pure bliss. Dope rhymes delivered with that smooth flow that Snoop is known for. There’s guest vocals from Marknoxx, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Slick Rick, Anitta, Azjah, RJ, $tupid Young, Nate Dogg (RIP!) and more. Throw in production from the best in the biz, like DJ Battlecat, Swizz Beatz and DJ Green Lantern, and you got some damn fine music. West coast hip-hop has never sounded better than when Snoop is working it. These twenty-two tracks are all killer, no filler grooves from the master. Snoop is back, and the album is solid! There’s even throwbacks in the title track to Snoop’s appearance on Dre’s 2001, which is like a shout back to the good old days from the new. Get this album for the killer beats. Get this album for the cred because you know it’s gonna blow up hard in the next year. Get this album because it is the best one yet by the best of all rappers, Snoop Dogg. The lyrical killa is back, and he is doing it just as good as ever. Rappers sometimes age like wine, turning into vinegar. Snoop is one of the few that gets better with age.

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