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Rapsody – Eve

American rapper Rapsody has released her third studio album, the much anticipated, ‘Eve.’ Dropping almost two years following the release of the North Carolinian’s previous platter, the critically-acclaimed ‘Laila’s Wisdom.’ Here are a few of the highlights of this new release.

The album opener is “Nina.” It creates an atmosphere favored by fans and her lyrics ignite a passionate poetic introduction. It’s a strong beginning. 

There’s also “Aaliyah” which provides an interesting build. Her reflective words grab you and the sample loop is sure to work for her fans. The talkbox effect is a great, subtle touch. Notice the sample harmonies too.

The bouncy swagger of “Oprah” and the bulletproof flow of “Whoopi” also deserve mention. As is the closing cut, “Afeni” which is real talk soul that you will feel in your heart. It’s an at-times slightly preachy message to Black men and yet remains a touching farewell for now. 

Overall, ‘Eve’ is a measured mix of aggressive and elegant, fun and fiery. Rapsody’s lyrics are as potent as expected and add to the structure of the disc. The guest artists she chose, the artists she has sampled and the poems she uses all add to an obvious theme of “Black-and-proud.” 

More specifically, ‘Eve’ seems ready-made for Black women. Rapsody sees the women others do not. Rapsody hears those who are otherwise unheard. She is a rap queen who kicks back on her hip-hop throne, handing out crowns and giving a voice to others.

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