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Leikeli47 – Acrylic

Mystery can be a great tool for artists to utilize—it allows someone to hide behind an image to add to the grandiose mythology of putting out music, something that has worked for artists such as MF Doom. However, for the New York City-based rapper Leikeli47, mystery is an aspect of her music, but certainly not the focal point.

With her new full-length album Acrylic, Leikeli47 proves that she is not only one of the most charismatic rappers in the NYC scene right now, but perhaps the entire East Coast. From the get go, the album bursts open with confidence that doesn’t seem to let up throughout the entire record.

Some of the most revealing moments of the album, though, can be the slower tracks like “No Reload”. The music slows down, you’re able to catch a glimpse of a more steady Leikeli47, but most importantly you’re able to hear just how precise and talented her flow is. It can be something that might be difficult to notice when she’s rapping at lightning pace, but hearing Leikeli47 hit every rhythm so precisely and pull back/push forth when necessary is truly something to behold.

If I had one critique of the album, it would be the fact that the mastering sounds very overblown at some points. This can sometimes distract from the music, making it feel too dense, but overall does not ruin the flow of the record.

At the end of the day, Leikeli47 has proven that she is a force to be reckoned with, releasing one of the best hip-hop albums of 2018.

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