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Mitchell Tenpenny – Telling All My Secrets

If you are a country music fan longing for the nostalgic days of 90’s country sounds, you’re sure to like Mitchell Tenpenny’s album Telling All My Secrets. Tenpenny, raised in Nashville by his grandmother Donna Hilley, who just happened to be a major figure in Music Row’s publishing world, quickly found himself drawn to writing songs as a way to express his feelings. In fact, he’s been writing songs since he was 12 years old, and has 500 songs to his credit. Because of this, he had plenty of material from which to choose when compiling Telling All My Secrets.

Focusing on classic country themes such as loss and love, Tenpenny made Telling All My Secrets an album that would touch all who listen to it from beginning to end. From the title song to the final track “Walk With Him,” which is a song about Tenpenny’s father dying of cancer, fans will quickly find themselves immersed in a world of feelings, emotions, and thoughts of days gone by.

Whether singing about the heartbreak of a failed relationship, loss of a loved one, or of memories of the one true love that got away, there’s no doubt Telling All My Secrets is an album for the ages. And as Mitchell Tenpenny embarks on his album tour, fans young and old are finding themselves listening to the album’s songs over and over. Because of this, sales are soaring, fans are clamoring for more, and Tenpenny is busy writing yet another song.

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